***How To Run An Extremely Successful Internet Business***



Keep your feet on the ground but have your head in the clouds.
Jeff Bezo of Amazon website saw an opportunity to make big money on the Internet.
He asked himself, “When I am 80, will I regret leaving Wall Street? No.
Would I regret missing a chance to start at the beginning of the Internet revolution? Yes!”
Amazon was launched- once Jeff Bezo was convinced that the Internet was the way, he decided to quit his secured, highly paid job. After some research on what Internet business he would go into, he chose to sell books online.
Amazon became a GOLDMINE.
Other success stories of Internet Business include the likes of Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and Ebay and thousands of many others.
If you are already there- GREAT; If not- there is still plenty of room for new businesses in cyberspace-internet.
Running your own small business on the Internet is a sure way to make a living and I speak from experience. It’s cheap to operate if you do it right and this is why I will share with you the steps on how to run an extremely successful Internet business.
(1)Own a professional website with your own unique domain name. This is the cornerstone of your online business.
(2)A product you can sell. Sell at least one product you are confident on- a product that will be very useful to your customers.
(3)Join an affiliate program. If you do not have a product to sell, you can join an affiliate program to promote their products and begin to earn good commissions from the sales you make.
(4)An opt-in email strategy. You want visitors to your site. These are the prospects that will purchase your products/services; therefore you must always be growing a tightly targeted email list of prospects.
(5)A way to accept secure credit card payments online on your website.
A merchant account is the best solution. Your customers want to purchase your products from your website, if you offer a FAST and SECURE way to make their orders.
(6)Sales copy that is proven to sell
I have sold thousands of manuals and books online and the success link is the excellent and detailed *sales copies* I send to my opt-in email list.
(7)Create a new product of your own and you will stand a better chance of growing your income continually. Also update your existing products to keep it and sales fresh.
(8)Your marketing strategy.
In order to make serious and huge money online, the answer-“get visitors to your website”. There are tons of ways to do that on the Internet. I use a lot of paid advertising, co-registrations and more. You can also accomplish this by giving away FREE articles. Write up a short article with a hot title and submit to ezines in your niche but don’t advertise in the article itself. You will never know what works best for you until you try and try different strategies.

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