Complex Matters involved in Bus Accident Cases



Is traveling via mass transit more convenient for you? Do
you much prefer regularly riding in buses when going to your place of
destination instead of taking your own vehicle?


Then you should know the risks involved and the matters that
you may become involved with if ever the public transportation vehicle you are
riding on encounters an accident.


While mass transit may be a tad safer than driving in your
own vehicle, especially if you are still an inexperienced and unfamiliar of the
roads accidents may occur that could bring complicated matters.


Low speed accidents do not have such a big impact on the bus
and its passengers due to its typical size and weight. However, if a high speed
collision occurs then it may have a great impact on the passengers of the bus
since their seats are usually unrestrained. Often, severe multiple injuries may
even be sustained especially if the impact of crash or collision causes the bus
to roll, go off the road, or catch fire.


If you become involved in a bus accident and file a claim
for damages against those who may be liable for the incident, here are several
of the complicated matters you may have to face up with.



Given this, even if it was
identified that the bus driver was the one at fault, an attempt may be made in
order to avoid you and the other injured persons during the accident from being
compensated. Governmental immunity laws are protecting the liable person. These
laws have considerable variations in every state and they can be difficult to


If your case involves governmental
immunity, make sure to consult with a vehicle accident lawyer with specialized
knowledge in this matter and practicing on the jurisdiction where your accident



Serious injuries on school bus
accidents may occur on situations such as:


boarding and disembarking of passengers –passing
motorists sometimes disregard the signals indicated in the school bus, unsafe way
of crossing by the children from the bus, driver of the bus lost track of a
child passenger and then prematurely turns off the vehicle’s signals or
accidentally hits the child with the bus itself.


Collision accidents involving the school bus with other
motor vehicles


Highway and traffic accidents


Nowadays, the more modern designed
school buses have a noteworthy element providing passive restraint on its seat
design. The seats are made in such a way that injury will be minimized and
avoid a child from being thrown out from the seat during a collision or be
struck into the other seat in front of them.


If your child happens to become
involved in such accidents on his / her school bus, make sure to talk with an
attorney regarding the governmental immunity policy.




Be more informed about the other
matters involved in bus accidents with the help of California vehicle accident
attorneys and Los Angeles Lawyers at



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