B.Ed Courses, PhD In Management And MBA: Do People Realise The Future That Will Be Carved




In most of the cases, almost in every subject, many students are studying different courses because they think that they have a future in these courses. Some cases have been seen where parents are in command, while in other few the market demands are involved. Some of the subjects are specialised in a sense from the very beginning of the course, usually after 10+2 or 10th while many courses are given a professional touch only after the graduation or post graduation. In these situations where the jobs are not in a very straightforward manner, it is always better to go for the professional courses from the very beginning of the college days. becoming a doctor, a lawyer, engineer, or even entering into army officers, it is an easy option because it allows people to chose careers that they can pursue a bright future. But some courses like the management and B.Ed courses will be helpful in careers if people take them up after they have studied for graduation. This particular tendency has many arguments which we can look down under. After doing a graduation, people can take up the B.Ed courses because it will allow them to choose a teaching career in a particular subject which they have studied in their graduation days. By such studies, the students get a confidence that they can teach the students after a certain qualification and if they are given due training in doing so. B.Ed courses have been designed in a manner where the students can be able to teach students in subjects of their choice. There are certain qualifications that need to be fulfilled and people also need to go through the eligibility criteria to finally join into jobs. For those, who wanted to pursue graduation or were able to do so, this particular format of studying in also an important route. Another format that has helped people in making out careers in life is by doing PhD in management or by doing the MBA programs after finishing graduation or post graduation in any subject. This is a walk according to the trends because many companies want their employees to be trained in management education. One can go for the management education also during the course of a career due to the options such as executive MBAs or can pursue MBA courses in India as part time even while doing a job. PhD in management is a possibility for the management graduates but they are mostly suitable for such people who wanted to go into teaching and academics. Nowadays, the concept of MBA courses in India has caught the attention of a number of students who are opting for management school by appearing in the entrance exams. The rush is so high that people are going through these entrances with full rigor and preparations. Also, the job trend has become such that those with MBA degrees from good institutes are able to command a better pay and get into multinational companies. Such practices in choosing the study courses can easily point towards the concept that the choice of management and B.Ed courses in India is not a bad deal, but one has to be careful enough to ensure that they are not making the wrong moves.

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