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When one hires an attorney for family disputes, it is expected that this professional will represent his client to the best of his abilities. There are many different subspecialties in family law. Some are even intertwined with others fields. The major aspects of this field involves issues that include, but are not limited to, the nature of most domestic partnerships, marriage and civil unions, paternity and the issues that surround this such as testing and fraud, as well as issues that surround the dissolution of partnerships, unions and marriage. Unions, Partnerships and MarriagesOne of the issues that is connected to unions is the prenuptial agreement. This is something that any lawyer can look into but can also be a specialty for an attorney. The agreement is usually made in good faith by each individual before they enter into matrimony. It makes clear the many issues that could arise from their union and the dissolution of it, if ever they file for divorce. Most marriages that have a prenuptial agreement often settle very well if it ends in divorce compared to those who do not have the foresight to get this. On the other hand, there are some conditions in the prenup which may not sit well with either party when they cross the line. Most legal professionals who draft these agreements have a pretty good idea what topics and issues to highlight. The dissolution of the marriage or the partnership might also need the assistance of a skilled attorney. Some couples end up disagreeing with so many things that the interference of each party’s legal counsel is necessary to bring things into perspective. A divorce lawyer can do a good job in getting the client’s to reach an agreement before even going to court. The existence of a prenup can be of great help in divorce cases but sometimes factors can affect changes in this document. The divorce might also include the settlement of any dependent’s welfare and a custody battle. The custody of children plays a big role in most family law cases. The division of assets and property is also another problem that some couples may not see eye to eye on. An attorney is needed in order for a smooth division and settlement. Alimony, care for dependents, spousal support are some things that will need to be brought up in cases like these and will need to be settled amicably or in court if an agreement is not reached between parties. Abuse and NeglectBoth neglect and abuse are also included in the field of family law. Some cases that the attorney might handle are spousal abuse as well as child abuse and neglect. It is not just the women who are victims of abuse, some husbands are as well but there is a minority when it comes to this. Women and children make up most victims while parents can also be held liable for the well-being and health of their child. Grandparents, teachers, neighbors and other friends and family members might notice signs of abuse but there has to be collaboration from the victim regarding the abuse before any case can be filed.

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