7 WordPress tips to improve SEO Ranking



Where WordPress offers hundreds of useful SEO plugins that often take care of the common things, there are various other tips and tricks that you can follow to make a difference. In today’s post, we have compiled a list of simple SEO techniques and best practices that you tend to forget. These techniques, if used properly, can make a significant difference as to how your website will be ranked on Google.

WordPress is the most used content manager today, due to its ease of use, search engine optimization and flexibility when developing a website.

WordPress already has several features that help improve SEO positioning in search engines, and are very solid, such as the configuration of permanent links that help create a search engine friendly URL architecture.

But it is also advisable to install a plugin that extends the standard functionality to allow us to configure beyond the basics.

One of the best plugins currently comes to be Yoast by SEO, although there are others equally good that fulfil the same function as for example All in One SEO Pack.

With these plugins you will be able to optimize each page, its meta tags, the configuration of social networks, index tags, noindex, follow, canonical tag, etc.

You can generate a site map including and excluding the parts of the web you want to index.
If you want to install one of these plugins you can do it inside the WordPress control panel, in the Plugins -> Add New section. Search for the Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack plugin.
Click Install, Activate and Done …

It is necessary that for your website to begin to be tracked by search engine robots, we have deselected the option “Determine search engines” that you can find in the section Settings -> Reading.

By default, WordPress comes with the basic URL structure and is as follows: mydomain.com/?p=123

This is a way to access the pages and post that the web contains, but this structure is somewhat ugly to read for humans, and I no longer tell you for search engines, that it is not friendly at all making them not partially understand What is the page or post about by your URL?

It is very important that each page or post has a readable URL, both for the user to be able to read and understand, as well as search engines when it comes to tracking. This clearly improves the WordPress SEO of any page or post.

The use of an SEO plugin on your website with WordPress allows you to create a site map and a robots.txt file, to indicate the pages to be indexed and which parts of the web will be accessible to the search engine spiders respectively. This is an essential SEO optimization phase when we want to improve the ranking of our websites.

One of the determining factors for search engines to better assess the content of our pages is their performance. If the pages do not load relatively quickly we will be losing chances of being higher in the ranking.

To improve the load it is always recommended a quality hosting, although with a shared one it should be sufficient at least in the initial stage of your project, the larger the hiring plan and the better the performance characteristics of your server, the better than better.

To this, we can add a cache system, compression of the web files, content minification, CDN.
For this, we can use plugins such as WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache or WP Faster Cache.

Currently, with the priority given by search engines to Mobile First, it is very necessary that the designs or layouts of the websites are prepared for mobile devices, which are responsive. In other words, the design suits all types and sizes of screen.

Today, most of them, not to mention all the themes, are already optimized to be able to design the web making it adapt to the screens.

Another requirement that Google and search engines, in general, have been considering for some time is that the website is running under an HTTPS security protocol. This is an increasingly important factor for ranking.

That while not having SSL active does not mean that you cannot do SEOFind Article, but it is an advantage that your competitors have in front of you if you do not activate HTTPS.


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