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Biggest and major companies in mobile industry and technology – Apple and Google are continuously introducing new innovations and advancements to dominate the mobile industry. In this era, mobile application development (Android and iPhone apps) are emerging through different sectors especially in most businesses, brands, and other larger industry. Both of these major mobile platforms are competing with each other but only shares one goal – to contribute a more futuristic approach to every task of human life.

According to data gathered from statistic reports, Android users are continuously increasing and contributing to the market for about 80% at a much higher rate compared to iOS which is only 17%. So, if you’re business doesn’t have an Android application yet, then now is time to consider hiring Android app developers.

In this article, let’s tackle the top reasons that will prove how important and beneficial it is to hire android app programmers from an Android app development company.

Let’s get started.

#1: Customer convenience

It is true that having a mobile application for your business can contribute its overall success and increase in profitability. The fact that many people use their smartphones is to fulfill their general needs in terms of transactions and communications. With these benefits such as online shopping, location finding using Google Maps, or just searching solutions or knowledge, the need for Android OS devices is also increasing.

Android application is a great way to communicate with other people for a different location, sharing contents such as images, videos, or documents, and so much more. So, if you’re planning to create successful Android applications, you should consider hiring an experienced Android app developer.

#2: Revenue and Sales increase

Of course, the main and sole goal of building a business is to make more money. Taking advantage of the use of mobile applications could surely increase your business profitability in terms of sales and revenue. Creating a perfect business-centric and market-centric application can be quite difficult which is why it is beneficial for your business to hire Android app developers to achieve your goals.

Aforementioned, having a mobile application for your business has now become mandatory. So, you’ll want to consider hiring an Android app developer to provide you a successful application. This could pave your way through a greater chance of sale and customer experience in your business as well.

#3: Ease of Accessibility

Nowadays, more and more manufacturers are integrating the open-source platform ability of Android. Besides, there are also several mobile application stores that allow the users to purchase and download any Android apps for their devices that use the Android platform. Google play, for instance, is the counter-part of Apple’s app store, but this market is made available for other developers who can contribute to the improvement of the existing mobile app.

#4: Multiple version and devices support

In the iOS platform, 5 main devices can support iOS applications. While Android applications can be compatible with over 170 types of devices. Which is why it is very important to choose and hire Android app developer that has the ability to develop an app that can be used on any devices regarding its version and screen sizes.

It is also important to make a thorough research while selecting a certain version for the developed app. hiring a developer from trusted mobile application development companies like HokuApps can let you know if there any issues of the development of the Android application.

#5: Great user experience

One of the major goals of having a mobile application whether it is an iOS or Android app is the user experience. In order to achieve this goal, it is very important to choose the right and suitable Android application developer that is aware of the user’s behavior and preferences as well. This will allow you to create a list of detailed information about the features of your app.

#6: Concerns about Security

With the fact that the Android platform is an open source technology, more and more developers are continuously improving its security issues. Hiring Android app developers that have proper training, certifications, credibility, and skill can help you address these issues concerning your app’s security.

There are many professionals out there that could help you in your next mobile app projects. HokuApps is a Singapore-based Android and iOS application development company that can transform your ideas into reality.


When it comes to hiring an Android application developer, it is important to make a thorough research and having a focus on the core area of your business in order to know what type of Android application should you develop. Leave it to the experts and professional developer from Techtechnology, Singapore.

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