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There are just too many applications out there. As per June 2012 numbers, Apple app store alone had 650,000+ apps. However, if you talk about successful apps, there are few. It is primarily because building a successful app takes more than just development skills. It takes discipline, user focus, and commitment to quality. Here are 5 best practices that can help a developer create not just good, but great apps.1. Make it Unique: To succeed in the world of mobile apps, you need to make something that is unique, well thought out and should be adding value. Be different from what your competitors produce. However, whatever you get an idea for a new application, chances are someone has already thought of it, and maybe even created something on those lines. So even if you cannot make a product that does something different, ensure it does it differently.2. User experience is the key:  A poor experience can turn off the user really fast, and the experience can be impacted by anything from look and feel to speed to the text on the scree. Some of the straightforward things to consider are the basics, like making sure that the application is bug-free, and high performing. However, these just prevent negative user experience. The idea is to promote positive user experience. To do that, the user’s needs and requirements need to be well understood and executed. To design a user experience that is enjoyable, we need to perform a function relevant to the user. If the user’s needs are met, the user experience can be enhanced easily. Right technology specification and a good UI design also play a vital role in creating a great experience.3. Stay focused: Ensure that the main focus is on the user and their needs and how to get those needs fulfilled. The successful app is task-specific and solves discrete problems people actually have. Every app should have a mission statement and focus on mobile usage. The interaction that the user has with the device, and the input mechanisms (touch, gestures etc.) need to be taken into consideration. 4. Plan future updates in advance: Start with the simple version. Once it is released, keep updating it. It is very important to keep working consistently to give the users quality stuff. If you try to boil the ocean in the first go, you might end up delaying the launch so much that it loses its relevance. It is best to release a simple version, and then keep adding features. It is also important to listen to user feedback and include it into your updates. 5. Market it right: Marketing plays a very crucial role in determining the success or failure of any product. You need to understand your audience, and appeal to their specific needs. Right marketing at the right time gives you the leverage that is crucial for the success of your product. There are several things that you can do to get attention of people like:-Create a website-Create social profiles and interact with people-Ask popular tech blogs to take a look into your app-Run campaigns with Advertising networks -Post on forums where people actively discuss appsIt is easy to get lost in technological nuances when creating a mobile application. These simple yet effective practices will help you stay focused and on course to success that you deserve for your toils.

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