5 Reasons to Use WordPress to Market Your Small Offline Business




The WordPress publishing platform has transformed the internet because of the freedom it has given to ordinary, non technical people-people who have discovered the power of being able to freely publish content within minutes of formulating their idea.People who had rely on others to publish digitally on the internet or radio or television or in hard copy in books, magazines or newspapers have been given the opportunity to publish freely without reliance on anyone.Small business and WordPressSavvy, progressive business owners of all sizes and industries suddenly cottoned on to the great opportunity to market their business on the internet through the medium of the WordPress software.There are 5 (at least) great reasons to use WordPress to promote and market your business online:Ease of usePrior to WordPress publishing small business owners relied on web designers who understood html, css and other obscure, technical terms to tell the world about their business.Wordpress changed all that and once a few, easy to learn fundamentals are acquired even the most technophobic business owner can take charge of their own website and internet marketing.CostThe cost involved in creating a website is miniscule once you have a hosting account as most good hosting companies offer at least 25 free add on domains. This means that you can create up to 25 sites with the same hosting account which offers the clued in business owner great opportunities to create multiple sites in different niches of his/her main market. (In reality, many hosting companies offer unlimited add on domains on the same hosting account)Open source softwareWordpress is a free and open source blogging and content management system with a constant stream of improvements under various headings such as    Enhanced security features    New plug ins (scripts that can be installed with a couple of clicks and which allow you to create many extra options on your website)    New themes-the theme of your site is basically the look and feel of your site and this too can be changed with the click of your mouse and a growing range of great, free themes to choose from.Feedback/commentsWordpress has a built in feedback system installed from the outset which allows the small business owner to elicit comment and feedback from visitors and customers. This type of raw data from your target market is invaluable to an astute business owner who can get almost instantaneous feedback about his business and his products/services.Contact formsA simple contact form plugin like Contact Form 7 allows you to create multiple contact forms on your site which allows you to encourage questions, feedback and quotation requests.It is impossible to look past the principle reason as to why you should be using WordPress to promote your business-the potential given to the ordinary, non computer literate person to freely publish anything they like without delay.For anyone who has used WordPress for a while it is easy to overlook and take this power for granted.If you have not yet learned how to use WordPress nor recognised the benefits and options it can give you in your business marketing..2012 is a good time to start.

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