5 Reasons For The Next Apple Will be Born in China



U.S. financial website – Minyanville points out that the next Apple,
Google or Sony will be born in China, and gives five reasons come to
this conclusion.

The following is the summary:

1. China Brand Marketing Consulting Agencies are Catching Up the West

Interbrand Global Brand Management Consulting International Group CEO
Jiezi Frampton (Jez Frampton) recently told the British Broadcasting
Corporation (BBC) interview that the Chinese enterprise’s brand
marketing consulting agencies are more and more. Typically, this is a
brand marketing skills inherent within a business function, compared to
emerging markets, they are a long history of Western companies is more
common. But in China, because a large number of young business
executives in foreign countries to accept a post-graduate MBA programs,
brand marketing in the country of their maturity and popularity has a
deep understanding.

Frampton said: “One thing people should note that some countries are
vigorously research in this area, and will very soon be adept at brand
marketing, such as places like China.” Although Chinese companies are
known for “price war, “said, but now they begin to evaluate other
assets, such as emotional communication and brand personality, which can
help enhance the customer experience, so customers are more loyal to
their brand.

Frampton said: “Chinese companies are experienced in Japan in 20
years or 30 years ago, South Korea 10 years or 15 years ago, experienced
the same change, before long, we would all buy Chinese products and
brands in China of products. “Frampton said in Interbrand’s Beijing
headquarters, the vast majority of employees are Chinese people:” We
learned from them and they learned from us as much. ”

2. Chinese Market has Great Potential

It is estimated that the size of China’s middle class now may have
reached 240 million people. Experts estimate that, decades later,
China’s consumption level will reach 600 million to 800 million people.
Consumption of this magnitude will force all companies have to consider
when creating a brand in China, no doubt, China’s domestic market,
domestic enterprises will have a more profound, more forward-looking

3. Harvard Business School, Targeting China

Harvard Business School, former Assistant Dean, the famous brand experts
¦ðNG professor (John Quelch) in February this year as the China Europe
International Business School Dean and Provost, which is an established
17 years, headquartered in Shanghai Business School. Quelch’s goal is
to become the China Europe International Business School to create the
world’s top ten research universities, with Harvard Business School on
an equal footing.

Quelch also served as Dean of London Business School, the commercial
trade of East-West Road has its own unique insights. Quelch said in an
interview that his top priority is the development of excellent
teachers, hired to teach Western scholars to stay in China, rather than
as a visiting scholar.

Chinese students in the United States business school enrollment
surged in recent years, but no attenuation of the trend. “Wall Street
Journal” recently reported that, according to U.S. Graduate School
Committee (Council of Graduate Schools) research report, “Application
for admission to the United States this fall, Graduate School of Chinese
students over the previous year increased by 21%, while Chinese
students were admitted increased by 23%, which is admitted to the United
States the number of graduate students from China the sixth consecutive
year of double-digit growth. ”

According to “The New York Times” reported that in China, some
parents will spend $ 15,000 to help children prepare for entrance exams
and apply for U.S. universities. The newspaper also pointed out that in
the 2009-2010 school year, Chinese students studying in American
universities reached 39,947, representing an increase of 52% the
previous year, is five times five years ago.

4. China Has Been Learning to Use Perception and Neuroscience Research

“Buyology: We spend shopping Truth and Lies” (Buyology: Truth and Lies
About Why We Buy), author Martin Lindstrom (Martin Lindstrom) is a
global brand marketing expert, he particularly neuroscience and the
intersection of marketing interest. Earlier this year, Lindstrom has
written an article entitled “Chinese people how to become a global brand
marketing genius.” He noted in the text, the Chinese have found the
secret to attract all the senses, and said that most Western companies
still can not do this.

5. China Brand Advertising With Hollywood

Hollywood released this summer sci-fi blockbuster “Transformers 3: on
the black night” (Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon), the Metersbonwe,
Lenovo, TCL, Erie and three other Chinese brands are in the film plant
into advertising. How Chinese brands to go abroad?

Given Hong Kong’s famous costume brand “on the Beach” (Shanghai Tang)
and Li Ning (most recently in the Nike headquarters in Oregon, opened a
retail store) popularity in the United States, the answer is
self-evident. Of course, as well as Lenovo and Haier, the Chinese brands
have been recognized by the Americans. Frampton told the BBC interview,
also referred to HuaweiFree Reprint Articles, he believes Huawei will become Cisco’s main




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