4 Things we know about iPhone Video Editing App



The goal is to roll the new application into existing camera app as a feature that will enable users to capture footage, edit it and upload it on social networks. Its USP will be the speed and ease-of-use with advanced features such as adding filters. Further, user can change orientation, trim the footage and adjust playback speed. We share 4 pieces of information about iPhone video editing app to support your next iPhone app development project.

Social media services have been viable to Apple’s business in the past and the company enjoyed unencumbered success with the iTunes-based social network Ping. However, with the growth of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Messenger app on the iOS mobile platform, in order to stay relevant on these applications, Apple has to create features that will be exclusive to its platform. The new video editing app is targeted especially at young users who have been identified as the largest user-base of such tools. As per reports, the top 10 free iPhone apps on the AppStore are Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. Altogether, users of these applications spend an average of 30-minutes per day on photo and video sharing. Further, these third party applications can be accessed just as easily on rival platform Android and windows Phone. In order to create a relevant space, it is essential for Apple to deliver a unique feature in the space that is most frequented by users.

This new application will work with all the leading social networking applications on AppStore including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. A prototype of the application that was demonstrated showed that the app would shoot the video in square shape and after being edited it could be shared instantaneously. The idea is to delve into and create a niche with video stories being shared by users on social networking sites. Currently, Apple plans to make it a standalone application that can be downloaded from the App Store, but nothing’s conclusive as it can be offered to iPhone users as functionality with the camera app.

Apple’s next updates for iPhone and iPad are targeted primarily at messaging applications, including Facebook Messenger and WeChat. They are already releasing an update for iMessage with plug-ins that will enable users to add animated images and draw on photos and videos. With this enhancement, Apple will further connect users with their contacts and facilitate a fluid system for sharing data. The company is currently reviewing the privacy implications before making further moves in that direction.

The video editing app is being developed by the same Apple team that was responsible for the Final Cut Pro and iMovie video editing software. The team is being led by Joe Weil who was formerly president of a video production company. Despite the impressive team backing, fear looms among industry experts that this project may be killed. However, the downswing in Apple’s hardware business has prompted the company to put extended efforts in its software and services business.

With this new application, Apple will successfully bring to users an advanced setup on their devices that will enable them to personalise moments and share them on social networking websites. Just like selfiesFree Web Content, videos will also become a rage among the masses and will start a new trend among the generation of multimedia sharing individuals. The new application will most likely be launched in 2017 with a new model of iPhone as it is still in the development stage currently.



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