2011 – The Year of Mobiles




HTC Sensation XEHTC has seen a slower than usual year and though 2011 offered the company much in the way of love 2011, did not do so to the same degree. The HTC Sensation XE hopes to change that. The new phone is available with the exact same aesthetic as the original, however there are a number of very notable changes. The phone is the company’s first Beats device and comes with the Beats headphones and software to create the famous low frequency sounds associated with the phones. This is only one of the many changes on the device. HTC has also given the phone a super quick 1.5GHz processor, this puts it a long way ahead of many of its rivals and really is notable. The phone comes with a new mean black and red livery and also a new user interface in the updated Sense 3.5. This phone offers a lot of bang for its buck and produces a device that is one of the best of the year. Samsung Galaxy SIIOf course, how could we not include the Samsung among our phones of 2011. The dual core phone came out before the summer and wowed the world – selling 5m units in 3 months to push Samsung to the top of the handset sales charts.This powerful device with an 8mp camera was loved mostly because of the excellent screen, which allow it to produce extremely bright and vivid images. This AMOLED display and the amazing experience offered by Android 2.3 means the phone is a fabulous all rounder. Samsung’s own user interface in TouchWiz as well as the phone’s super slim aesthetic make it desirable, attractive and extremely intuitive and fast and make it the success story of 2011. The phone comes on a range of Three Mobile contracts, though the One Plan offers a formidable option for those who browse and can be gotten for even better value with a voucher code. MotorolaThough Motorola has introduced few phones in 2011, it is the audacious Atrix we must give a spot to. The phone did not set the world on fire in the same manner Motorola would have wished, however those looking for a bargain may be sure to take full advantage of the discount code and low prices offered on the phone. Many of these bundle it with its good, but ill fated docking options, which were just too expensive. These options are now much reduced and people can purchase the phone for a fraction of its original proice. The Motorola offers users the chance to place the phone in a laptop like station and so use it as a laptop. The phone is based on a Linux platform when docked and is perfect for light tasks such as word processing and filling in Excel sheets. Purchasing a Motorola Atrix is a good idea for those who want a phone, and a netbook and is a cheap way of combining both, especially with a discount code. AndroidPeople who wish to can really take advantage of the Android phone market this year. These phones are nearly as intuitive as IOS5, but allow a greater amount of freedom in how they are customised while offer more apps than Windows or BlackBerry phones. A Christmas investment in such a phone will mean that users can browse, surf the net, send emails, take high quality video and watch TV on their phone – something that could only be dreamed of a few years ago.

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