117218 Patchdazzle Diy Kit, Reflect

117218 Patchdazzle Diy Kit, Reflect


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Noso Patches are a fast and easy solution for rips and tears in all your gear. Use them to fix tents, coats, backpacks, sleeping bags, and more! No sewing necessary. Noso patches are the coolest all purpose repair patches that fix rips, holes and gashes in all of your clothes and outdoor gear. Fun and fashionable, Noso patches are the best way to customize your gear and let your personality shine through. The patches adhere better to fabric than tape and don’t gum up on the sides. Once the adhesive has been activated, nothing will pull them off. Noso Patches stay on forever! We think this is important because we strive to promote reuse and repair. Noso wants to help you keep your gear out of the landfill for good.
SpecificationsColor: Reflect
Weight: 0.55 lbs


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