10 Reasons to Visit Kashmir



The valley’s gorgeous beauty is superior by the truly magic charm bounding lakes, fresh water streams, delicious apple orchards, mighty ice capped mountains and lush meadows. Adding together some spectacular views, Lush green surroundings, fresh non tainted mountain air and scenic landscapes makes Kashmir one of the best places to visit in India.

1. Dal Lake: Dal Lake springs to life at dusk. Do take a dusk ride in a boat on Dal Lake. You will find it amazing how people take taxi boats sailing to work, families visiting relatives, boatmens trying to sell a lot of items. The view is lovely.

2. Old town: Spend a lovely day at old town to see two mosques namely Jama Masjid and Shah-i- Hamdan. The mosques have colourful detailed work. The local park at Old town is so beautifully best.

3. Food: The food in Kashmir is delectable. The food is very unique as it is a blend of three different styles namely Kashmiri pandits, Muslims and Mughals. Do not forget to taste the ‘Wazwan’ here which is a multi-course meal and is very tasty.

4. Facilities: Kashmir has all the facilities, whether it is five star hotel or delectable cuisine, Kashnir has it all. Ask your travel agent in Delhi to provide you the best of resort to stay here in Kashmir.

5. Lovable people: People of Kashmir are humble, sympathetic, warm and nice. You will definitely enjoy their company. They are such a people that you would want to visit them again and again. To meet such people do travel

6. Natural beauty: The natural beauty of Kashmir is still untouched. It is not bombarded with malls like that in major cities. It is pollution free. There is just the presence of natural beauty. You will totally love being here.

7. History and architecture: The history and architecture of Kashmir is unique. It is the home to the oldest civilization. There are mosques and temples which are probably 400 years old. Do ask your travel agent in Delhi to arrange a trip for you in the ancient ruins. There is the presence of forts, monuments, temples, mosques and palaces here.

8. Waterfalls: In Kashmir you will find exquisite waterfalls. This valley houses great and beautiful waterfalls. You should definitely visit Aharbal and Sukhnag falls.

9. Houseboats: If you are in Kashmir, it is imperative for you to stay in a houseboat. You will truly enjoy the experience of staying in a houseboat. You will feel transported back in time.

10. Snow: Known for its snow in winters, every year thousands of tourists flock to Kashmir to see the snowfall here. Play winter games like ice-skating and skiing here.

Also if you are Kashmir honeymoon packages, an adventure, junkie, Kashmir has its share of adrenaline pumping activities like Water Rafting, Trekking, Winter Sports, Wetlands, WildlifeFree Articles, etc.



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