10 Geniuses In The IT World



It is rather unfortunate that in the ever changing and
rapidly improving world of technology, we hardly remember the geniuses who
through their inventions laid the foundation for many of the conveniences and features
we now enjoy in our favorite communication devices.

This article is a tribute to the ten people who made these
discoveries and an attempt to bring their achievements into the limelight.

1.      Marty Cooper

Did you know that Cooper was the first to file the patent
in 1973, when he was already working for Motorola for the “radio telephone
system”. The Cooper’s Law is his brainchild and to think that he himself was
inspired to come out with the patent was Star Trek and its Captain Kirk is
indeed revealing.

2. Mike Lazardidis

Lazardis was a child prodigy who was reading all the
science books by the age of 12. He was even awarded a prize for this. However,
despite his interest in academics, he dropped out of college to satisfy the
entrepreneurial streak in him and thus Research in Motion was born in 1984. The
BlackBerry as we know it today, owes its conception and further development to
the magnificent research institute he set up in 2000 at a cost of $100 million.

3. Tony Fadell

Fadell bounced off an idea he had with Apple and that was
how the iPod was created in 2001. He is now the Senior Vice President at Apple
handling the iPod product and its further development.

4. John Backus

Though FORTRAN is not much in use today, it was a
programming language that was developed in the 1950s by Backus and used
extensively in the years to come. Backus passed away last year due to brain

5. Jack Nilles

He is the one who coined this term way back in 1970 and is
also credited with the design of space vehicles that are used by the US Air
Force as well as NASA.


6. Doug Engelbart

Each time you click your mouse, you should thank Engelbart
as he was the one who patented this discovery in 1970. However, he did not get
any royalties for this useful invention and at 83, remains active at the
Bootstrap Institute, which he heads.

7. Gary Thuerk

Thuerk has a rather unenviable legacy of having been the
first to send out mailers to people he did not know through ARPANET, a network.
Though he was castigated for sending out such spam, he deserves credit for
being the first to introduce this possibility of spam mail to all of us.

8. John Cioffi

DSL technology was introduced by this Stanford
professor when he used copper wires to transmit data in order to make broadband
possible to computer users. He was awarded the 2006 Marconi Prize for his
contribution to technology.

9. James Gosling

This computer science doctorate was the genius who wrote
the first Java script in 1991 and this was not surprising considering he had
already conceived and implemented a multiprocessor Unix system by then.

10. Vic Hayes

Hayes used his electrical engineering skills for developing
the Wi-Fi and he has also been credited with the successful working of the
802.11 LAN wireless communication system. He is now at Netherlands where he was
bornFree Articles, working with the Delft University of Technology.

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