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True hardcore Apple fans probably know everything about the Apple’s new next-generation iPhone 4, which was officially announced at WWDC in the beginning of June. The entire world found itself taking a look at the very familiar design. Well, the look of a new device wasn’t really much of a surprise because those who were curious enough knew what the device looked like before the release due to some indiscretions from Gizmodo and Vietnam-based website Tinhe.Nevertheless, it was not just about the look, though it is incredible, especially when the device is fitted into the pretty iPhone 4 case. Consumers could find much more about the new Apple’s iPhone 4, including many technical details making it a very attractive device to own. In case you are already thinking of starting saving up to get this thing, here are some reason for you to do that.Longer battery lifeWhile giving his keynote speech at WWDC, Steve Jobs announced that the battery life of iPhone 4 will be significantly improved, which can’t be ignored. Anyway, how would you ignore 7 hours of talk time on 3G, 10 hours of video or 40 hours of audio playback, 10 hours of web browsing on Wi-Fi or 6 hours on 3G? Aren’t these figures impressive?FaceTime video chatThat’s actually one of the best new options available in the newly released iPhone 4, if not the very best one. Although it only works over Wi-Fi networks, such a useful thing is worth it. The feature allows the user to enjoy live chats with those who matters to them (as long as the second party also owns an iPhone 4). So the advice is to start saving up for two devices at least.Improved designOne should admit that the new iPhone 4 looks much better than the earlier version. Probably, it doesn’t have so many curves, but shows plenty of glass, making the look modern and cool. For those Mac users out there who always wanted to accessorize their PC with an Apple handheld of the matching color, the iPhone 4 also comes in white. The advice (in case you are among those but all the white ones are gone) is just to put a white iPhone 4 cover on your device and it will match perfectly.Enhanced cameraThis is quite a reason for many users to opt for the iPhone 4. In fact, the device now sports a very serious sensor with 5 megapixels and backlight, which means that the quality of the pictures taken in bad-light conditions will increase a lot. Add here the presence of a LED flash, doubled as an LED video light, plus 5x zoom and tap to focus, and you will receive a perfect device to take photos of high quality.HD videoOne of the major updates that plenty of people have been waiting for. New iPhone 4 allows to easily record and edit videos via the iMovie application for iPhone, and even upload them onto the web. This means that the device owners will also own a full-fledged multimedia pocket studio, without paying extra for it.Improved gaming capabilitiesNew iPhone 4 has borrowed Apple’s A4 chip from the company’s iPad tablet. This CPU makes the device much more powerful than the 3GS. It also features built-in accelerometer, which the consumers could get accustomed to if they used the previous versions of iPhone. In addition, it also has a gyroscope enabling 6-axis motion sensing like up and down, forward and backward, pitch and roll and side to side, which makes it much handier for gaming purposes.Retina displayThat is the name of the most advanced display that any of the handheld Apple products have ever had. Specifically, the 3.5-inch iPhone 4 display features 960*640 pixel resolution (which makes 326 pixels per inch), turning it into the digital perfection. It means that it would be impossible to even distinguish the pixels on the smooth screen, so all you will see is a clear, high-definition image. The advice is to take care of the display’s safety right after the purchase. One of the solutions is using a protecting film or iPhone 4 cover.iBooks app integratedApple’s iPhone 4 follows the Kindle’s path and offers access to a feature allowing the consumers to start reading e-book on one of the Apple’s family devices like iPhone 4 and then continue reading on another one – iPad or iPod touch, for example.New iOS 4The new operation system is one the biggest advantages of iPhone 4. The device runs the iPhone OS 4, bringing about an entirely new set of attractive features like multi-tasking and folders. The iOS 4 is considered a huge step forward for the company, as the handset allows users to enjoy it at its best. Although OS 4 is planned to be available on the 3GS too, it won’t run this fast anyway.FanboyismThe simplest reason for some people, but perhaps the strongest one, is fanboyism. You know, there are people out there ready to buy anything Apple releases just because it’s Apple. Those who adore the company and its philosophy will undoubtedly opt for the iPhone 4, especially after reading through the other reasons mentioned above.

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